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Smart Glaze Perth

Kommerling UPVC the window material of the future...

  • smart glaze offers window and door double glazing perth At Smart Glaze we use the finest German- engineered window & door frames which is manufactured here in Perth. The Kommerling C70 gold range combines style, strength and security for a window that lasts. Kommerling UPVC double glazed windows and doors have been independently tested for performance and quality throughout the world. They meet and often substantially surpass, the requirements of relevant standards for UPVC double glazed windows worldwide.

    The C70 gold range system is a 5 chamber profile providing fantastic energy efficiency, UV stabilised, 100% termite proof , non corrosive and lead free. Combined with modern thermal insulation glass, our doors and windows are double glazed providing an efficient thermal and acoustic barrier for a quieter and more comfortable home. Offering a wide range of glass combinations , our team will enable you to achieve your specific requirements .

    Tried , tested and trusted

    Noise Insulated - Reduce Outside and Street Noise

    your new smart glaze window system features noise reducing glass Double glazing can reduce outside noise by up to 80%.

    When you install a new Smart Glaze double glazed window or door one of the first things you notice is a reduction in outside noise. Double glazing creates a fantastic noise barrier and will make a huge difference to your whole home or even just a single room.

    Our noise insulating windows don’t just stop at our glass. Our non-conductive UPVC frames with built-in insulating chambers, larger air gap, compression seals all play an important part in reducing outside noise.

    Thermal Insulation - Reduce your energy costs

    double glazing in perth is ideal as its thermal insulated glassDouble Glazing reduces the transfer of heat up to 70%.

    With the recent rises in electricity and gas now is the perfect time to invest in a new double glazed window system from Smart Glaze.

    All of our double glazed doors and windows provide excellent thermal insulation that will drastically reduce your heating and cooling costs. Our Kommerling profile has encountered stringent testing in some of the harshest climates of time with great success.

    Increased Security - Greater Protection For Your Family.

    Smart glaze double glazing also acts as security glass perth Feeling safe and secure all year round.

    One of the best features with Smart Glaze double glazing is that it provides great security for you and your family.

    Our windows and doors have been designed to offer the highest levels of security. With the recent increase of burglaries, it’s important to make your home secure and we’re here to help. Our double glazed windows and doors have multi-point locking systems, fully reinforced with galvanised steel and internally glazed.

    Add Value - Double Glazing Not Only Looks Great but Adds Value

    All of our window and door systems feature upvc glass perth Making money from your property; imagine that.

    With our unique combination of double glazing and European designed frames your new Smart Glaze window is a great way to add value to your home. Not only does the Smart Glaze system look fantastic it also has huge benefits ranging from thermal insulation, to noise reduction and even greater security.


    A great feature...almost no maintenance! Our double glazed window & door systems do not require any further costs for maintenance. They don't rot, warp or corrode making then an ideal choice for sea side applications and withstanding our Australian climate.


    You can rest assure our double glazed window & door systems being naturally flame retardant throughout their product life. They will not cause, support or enhance the development of accidental fire. They are in fact self extinguishing, this quality prevents the promotion of fire spread. Our products comply with Australian Standard AS 1530.8.1 making them suitable for use in bushfire prone areas"

Instant Enquiry


“We decided to have the whole house double glazed, we approached several companies for quotes the stand out was Smart Glaze. The main reasons we chose Smart Glaze were as follows: Nick came across as a friendly, honest and reliable individual. Nick displayed an extensive knowledge and was able to answer all questions relating to the project both technical and practical, plus •  Nick is the person who does the installation.
•  The quote was very competitive.
•  The project was finished with minimal disruption.
•  The work was of a very high standard, the house was left clean after each days work.

Now that the installation is complete we can say without reservation that we are extremely happy with the result. The road noise in our street was intrusive but after the installation it is significantly quieter, we also note that on hot days it's now a lot cooler inside (the reverse will be true in the cooler months) and finally the house is now far more secure than with the old type of windows.

So now that the work is complete would I recommend Smart Glaze to carry out your double glazing project - YES I WOULD - unreservedly.

Kenny lluka ;